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Is your Chamber struggling to grow?

Your Chamber is not alone, many are struggling. Member engagement is crucial in the retention & growth of all Chambers of Commerce. 立博客户端app下载 Freedom software will provide you with the tools needed to grow membership and revenue. Let us help you enrich your members’ experience, unite your team, and leverage today’s technology. Let our team of membership growth experts show you how your entire organization will stand to benefit from this total software solution.

What should I look for in a Website?
What should I look for in a Website?

Your website should engage your members

With Freedom’s robust website and mobile experience, your organization can craft a beautiful, interactive website that engages your members and serves the needs of your staff. Start generating more members, event registrations, and member engagements — resulting in more income to grow your Chamber of Commerce revenue.


Designed for Chambers, refined by Chambers

立博客户端app下载 Freedom transforms Chambers of Commerce with data-driven membership management software, websites, and mobile apps. We are your trusted guides in a world of ever-changing technology. Our team of engineers, designers and digital marketers have been helping Chambers grow for over 20 years.

And we’re not done yet!

We are heavily involved in the Chamber of Commerce community (we even provide ACCE’s website) and we're continually updating, refining, adding new features, and listening to your needs to improve our software. We understand what your organization needs and will work alongside you to achieve your goals.


Is your Chamber using too many pieces of software that don't work together?


Unite your team on one platform, no more multiple logins

Freedom Software spans your association's marketing, membership, sales, and finance departments, allowing your entire staff to work together on a single platform in perfect harmony. Freedom removes barriers to productivity and frees up your team to focus on their primary mission: — providing a valuable experience to your members.



With Freedom you'll be able to:

Create & edit website content easily

Use the Website application to update your website from anywhere at anytime.

Manage membership operations and events

All your membership under one roof. Control your member information, payments, marketing, events, and seamlessly integrate with your website.

Share reports on financial activity

Generate dynamic accounting reports, track deferred revenue & in-kind trades, and map your transactions to your chart-of-accounts.

Maintain site security and data encryption

Set up tiered access to show your staff members as many - or as little - modules as they need.

Create and monitor marketing campaigns

Automate and optimize your marketing efforts while promoting your organization.

... and much more!

立博客户端app下载 has you covered
立博客户端app下载 has you covered

How does your Chamber keep up with the speed of technology?

We know that keeping up with technology can be a full-time job. Instead of having to worry about it, 立博客户端app下载 will keep you on the forefront of technology by providing the latest capabilities through our monthly updates, security enhancements, and server monitory system.

You're in Good Company

The technology behind 立博客户端app下载 Freedom is extremely flexible. There have been many occasions when the Chamber had a need for a custom solution, and 立博客户端app下载 was able to build and deliver it through their software. And because 立博客户端app下载 is a totally comprehensive system, we are able to use it for everything from running banner ads and promoting chamber events to managing e-newsletters that keep our members informed.

Phillip Lewis
Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are available within the Freedom Software that help me to promote my Chamber's members?

Your members are the most important aspect of your Chamber, so of course you want to highlight them and show them off! With Freedom, your Chamber has a variety of options to choose from to promote your members. Creating a business directory that features a collection of all of your members is a good place to start. Another way to promote individual members is through the use of banner ads or by displaying sponsorship logos. If you'd rather promote a group of members, try displaying member maps or provide some member coupons and discounts. Regardless of the method you choose, Freedom gives you the flexibility and the tools that you need you build rapport with your members and market them accordingly.

Can I create customized reports to view member history?

Of course! Use Freedom Software to easily create customized reports based on your department's needs. With Freedom, you have the flexibility to create or choose the fields that you need to view the most important details of your customers' history and identify trends. Once you are finished, you can go ahead and save your favorite reports for easy access in the future. Reports are your go-to tool to see customer engagement and past history, so your chamber can use this as an advantage to continue to meet and exceed your members' expectations.

How can I communicate with my members and potential members?

Keeping the lines of communication open will help your chamber gain new members and retain its current members. Use technology to your advantage to create a variety of digital marketing efforts. The most direct way to reach your intended audience is through your chamber's website, which you can easily update with Freedom. You can also reach your members, both individually and collectively, through the use and tracking of email campaigns, which will help your sales team with lead generation. Streamline direct input from your members through polls and surveys or share information with your members quickly through Freedom's Social Media module, which seamlessly integrates with your website and makes it easy to share and post content to various social networking platforms. Regardless of the communication methods you choose, your members will always be in the know of the latest happenings within your chamber.

How can I create and manage events for my Chamber of Commerce?

Events are an important aspect of any membership organization which require thoughtful planning and implementation. Use Freedom Software to schedule upcoming or recurring events, accept registrations, and create seating charts. Use email reminders to keep your guests updated on the details of your event and promote your sponsors. On the day of the event, you can even manage On-Site Check-In with Freedom. Optimized for mobile devices, staff can view registrant lists and prepaid status, check in attendees, and add new registrants on the fly at the door. Once your event is over and your members are heading home happy, you can create customized reports to help you plan for the next event.

How does Freedom Software work with my current accounting and finance system?

Freedom's Finance application is designed to work with your current accounting system and not as a replacement. Use the modules in the Finance application to conduct dues, process payments, and create invoices. Your team of accountants will have the ability to create general accounting reports and organize deferred revenue which they can export into the accounting system of their choice. Use Freedom Software as a resource to keep your finances in order, without abandoning your trusted accounting platform.

Does the Freedom Software integrate well with other softwares?

Yes! Freedom has the capability to integrate with many popular third-party software programs. While the five applications of the Freedom Software work better together as a total solution, they can run separately, so your chamber can customize accordingly to create your ideal system.

We believe you'll love Freedom software

The Ripcord Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love the software that if 立博客户端app下载 does not meet or exceed your expectations within the first 90 days, you may pull the ripcord and get 100% of your money back, guaranteed.

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Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS
“I cannot say enough about expertise and flexibility of the 立博客户端app下载 team as we worked together to design and implement a new website for the RRAR and its subsidiaries. Their knowledge and workability made a complex project come to life with amazing results!”
— Casey Angel, Director of Communications
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